Hello! My name is Sonia Kabir and this blog is my memoir in progress. I write about motherhood, mental health, food and everything related to it! I wrote hundreds of papers for my undergrad and graduate degree. Once I entered corporate Canada, writing took the backseat and with that, I lost a little part of me. I started feeling a little lost and wondered if I forgot how to write independent pieces. So, on my birthday a few years ago, I reactivated my blog to challenge myself to write and publish something every single day for a whole month! I completed the challenge and published one blog post each day, from 07 March- 07 April. It felt so good to keep a promise to myself! That was my birthday gift to me. Turns out, I didn’t forget writing, it runs in my veins. My posts vary in nature. Some are personal, others are about food and travel and a few are full of advice I don’t follow myself. I hope you will enjoy my posts. They could be incoherent, incomprehensible or just downright irrational but there is one thing I can assure you—my writing is honest, always.

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