Letter to my Daughter

My darling

My ‘fiery winged angel’

There are so many stories I tell you every day –about stars, magical kingdoms, bravery and friendships. But there are so much more that I want to tell you. On some days, I want to freeze the time and on some nights, I want to fast forward 15 years. I guess that’s what motherhood is.

Whenever you read this letter, I want you to know that you are my truest sunshine. I carry you around but you lift me up. Every. Single. Day.

I always want you to remember that the length of your skirt, the color of your skin, the curves of your body or the lack of it doesn’t make you a better or worse human being.

Be strong and brave but never confuse self respect with arrogance. Be fierce but gentle, be true to yourself and most importantly, do justice to your potentials.

I want you to know that I will burn down the cities and rise up from the ashes for you, but no matter how much I try, I won’t always be there to protect you. And that’s why, my dear, I want you to know that it’s okay to be heartbroken but it’s never, ever, okay to put up with abuse. Sometimes abusers wear a mask of friendship or even true love, but never disregard your intuition. Many will try to steal the light from you, try to make you feel incompetent; tell you that your ideas are subversive, that behaving in a certain way is “normal” and everything else is wrong. But never pay any heed to people who only criticize your efforts but never guide you to find a solution.

Please know that it’s okay not to be okay sometimes. It’s okay to make mistakes and just like everyone else, you will make quite a few. But I want you to pick yourself up and move forward –at your own pace, towards your own goals.

Remember that you always, always, always have a choice. Trying to push more, wanting to achieve more, trying to be the greatest at whatever field you choose is not a radical idea. It’s also not an earth shattering idea to take it easy. The real challenge here; is to be honest with yourself. Remember that you don’t have to prove anything to anyone but yourself.

Touch the cold snow, feel the warm sand, walk on a beach, climb a mountain –do what your heart desires. Feel, breathe and experience this blessing called life.

I love you.


March 8, 2019


  1. Perhaps the best heirloom Zarya could have, a compass for life and a testament of your love. This one page possibly captures all that a lifelong of schooling or the doldrums of dogma could not enunciate. Bravo!

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