Ode to ceviche

There are few things in the world
That are as simple and unique as you are
No hiding behind a puree
No overwhelming smell of curry.
You are just what you are
Fresh, tangy, jazzy and zingy
Sparingly put chili peppers
Fresh onions
Fragrance of lemon and
Blessings from the sea!
You are as gorgeous as a summer sky.
I can compare you with the sanctuary of Machu Picchu
Or the sacred valley of Ollantaytambo
Solely because your simplicity is so strong
So precise
So robust
That one might question your entity
That no human creation can be as divine!
You are the sparkle of polished silver
The warmth of Alpaca wool
You make me dance
In the tunes of Peruvian flute!

Cusco, Peru

Day 13

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