Bite Size Reflections -1

I fear security and comfort —the kind that is provided by someone else. It feeds on the desire to survive alone, kills the desperation that is needed to run that extra mile, to push a little harder. It makes its prey to believe in a false sense of safety, to forget the value of freedom and self- esteem and like drugs; it can paralyze even the strongest mind.  This type of security and comfort makes the epidermis so thick; absolutely no amount of verbal or emotional abuse can get past it. This false sense of security has ruined some of the brightest minds of my generation and every day, I witness another victim, brighter and stronger than the last one.

day 22

One comment

  1. This one is The best! Absolutely mind blowing! This false sence of security actually paralyze. And then u never know when it will be taken away!

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