If my 2.5 year Old Toddler Gave Life Lessons:

  1. Pants are optional. So are diapers. Wear them when you want, pull them off when you feel like it.
  2. On some days it’s okay to dress like a Christmas tree. On other days, a sleeper will do.
  3. There is no favourite food. Treat all food groups and items equally. You may like grilled cheese sandwiches now but tomorrow they can be yucky. Don’t fall prey to social norms. You don’t need to pick a favourite food.
  4. Fish cracker is a separate food group
  5. Enough sleep is important. Or you can just take a nap at any given time, preferably 2 hours before bedtime. My mom doesn’t like these naps but I am my own boss.
  6. Determination is the key to success. With practice and patience, you will reach the upper cabinet that doesn’t have a child lock. Just take everything out. It’s all cool.
  7. Tidying up is essential. I am not sure why my baba reorganizes most things after my tidying up session though.
  8. Help out your parents. Always help out when they try to fold laundry or cook.
  9. Engage in conversations with your parents. I never let my parents feel alone. I always try to grab their attention, especially when they are having a conversation with each other using big words. Follow them in the washrooms too.
  10. Pick your battles. Throw a fit, refuse to wear a jacket and waste 45 minutes going from the living room to the car seat. But once you enter the childcare and see your friends, it’s best to just have fun. I immediately start playing and forget about my mom when I enter the childcare. Then I repeat the process the next day.
  11. Eat everything at childcare but at home, make your parents offer you at least 3 choices.
  12. A kiss or a hug works like a charm in defusing tension.
  13. When mommy says no to something you may ask your dad but it usually never works. Mothers are resilient. Don’t underestimate your mother.
  14. Whenever you want more cake or candies never ask your parents, always ask a guest, an uncle or an aunt. They never say no. Sometimes when your parents are not looking they give you candies you are not supposed to eat. They are the best.
  15. You don’t have to be friends with everyone but there is no need to be mean to people. Just share your toys and play separately.

day 28


  1. If the above mentioned tricks don’t work, be silent (while the TV is turned off). It will be enough to scare your parents.

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