That Friend who Lives Abroad

I often receive messages from acquaintances regarding university admission requirements in North America. These acquaintances didn’t contact me in last several years. That’s cool! I have done it myself. I reached out to people I haven’t contacted in years. I know that even a tiny bit of information and assurance goes a really long way.  But here I am talking about specific information about different academic programs. The truth is; if it’s not the exact same program in the same school, it’s impossible to provide any extra information that’s NOT on the official website of a university. I get asked about engineering, economics, architecture and even optometry. Is McGill a better choice for landscape architecture compared to University of Waterloo? I don’t know man, you tell me. Absolutely no idea! Also, what is landscape architecture? Same goes with immigration. I am not an immigration lawyer. I am clueless about the current process. In all areas the best and most accurate information can be found on the official website. Academic programs and immigration processes have strict rules and prerequisites. It’s nearly impossible for someone else, who is not a professional in that field, to provide valid information.

I have spent hours researching online and sharing links of websites only to receive replies such as “Can you tell me what’s written there? It’s too long”. Or in millennial lingo, TL; DR! True story, from your “that friend” who lives abroad.

Day 30


  1. “can you write my application letter please?” One of that kind asked my husband! He was like I know nothing about you! How on earth is that possible?

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