The Last One of this Stretch

I did it! 32 posts from March 07-April 07. As declared, one post each day, including 4 guest posts edited by me. Why did I do it though? Because I needed to remind myself that I can write something else other than marketing materials and emails.  I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone but myself.

By 7th day into this challenge, I wanted to give up. I had only scattered thoughts and no ideas.  I still pushed myself to write something, anything! On some days, I had 5 different documents, each one with 2-3 lines. Some topics were so sensitive and reminded me of so many events that it was hard to focus and not get distracted. I still couldn’t finish writing some of them. But I still managed to post every single day!

To my surprise, this process has been therapeutic. I feel more present, more in-tune with myself and more confident. There is something gratifying to just promise something to ourselves and to keep that promise. Especially for someone like me who has a pattern of leaving projects unfinished. There is also something extraordinarily liberating to not care about the number of “likes”. I am proud of all my posts. All of them!  I am equally proud of the ones that got hundreds of hits and the ones that got less than 50. Each post is a proof that I pushed through deep rooted issues of procrastination and distraction— something that I have suffered from my entire life.

I found solid support from few people who took time out of their busy lives to read my posts every single day and provided valuable feedback. “How is today’s post coming along?” “When will it be published today?” I dreaded these questions and pushed through discomfort and fear of writing something gibberish.  Many of my posts are published at around 11.30 pm because I waited till last minute, as usual.  But I still met the deadline. There were so many personal messages and comments on my posts, and many of them were from people I expected the least. Even feedback like “Didn’t really get it” helped me tremendously. I was reminded that our visions and ideas vary and we don’t necessarily enjoy the same stories. It has less to do with the quality of a piece and more to do with personal taste. And most importantly, I realized how crucial it is for me to have internal validation. Thank you, for supporting me in this journey. Thank you, for mending a broken spirit.


  1. I am so proud of you…. You have inspired me to write and I tried to motivate you too…. I am so happy that you accomplished this feat…. This was next to impossible but I always had that hope that you will make it through

  2. Amazing writing each day most importantly you put your heart in it!! Thats what is the best part!! Keep it up❤️

  3. Amazing writing !! Most importantly you wrote it from your heart!! Your honest expression on things made all your writings very special!! Iooked forward for it eveyday !! Keep it up

    • Thank you so much for reading every single day and for always being so supportive. I am not done yet! I will take a break for a week and then start writing again. This time, one post per week.

  4. Alhamdulillah, you did it!! Thank you for entertaining us with your amazing writing ❤️❤️.. keep going.. all the very best!

  5. Your spirit was never broken. You are and will always be a fierce fighter and achiever. Each of your post is full of positive thoughts and reflections of your creative mind. I believe you will continue this journey not only for yourself but also for us, your readers. I’m so proud of you.

  6. well done! This was just a warm up right! the journey has just begun…! Waiting for your upcoming post!

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